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  1. 1. When does my PhD start?

The PhD officially begins at the student’s registration date.

  1. 2. How can I enroll in doctoral program courses?

Students can enroll in the doctoral program courses through the student’s personal area in Fénix, typically before the beginning of each Semester (September and February) on the announced dates.

  1. 3. Can I change the courses initially proposed in my PhD program?

Yes, by submitting a specific request that should include the agreement of both the scientific supervisor and the PhD Program Coordinator.

  1. 4. Can I enroll in other courses that are not listed in the doctoral program curriculum?

Yes, students can enroll other courses from any doctoral program from IST, although these courses shall be considered as extra-curricular.

  1. 5. Should I have to complete the curricular part of my doctoral program before submitting the PhD thesis?

Yes, before submitting the PhD thesis the students must have completed the curricular part of the doctoral program.

  1. 6. May I be exempt from presenting my PhD work to the Thesis Advisory Committee?

Yes, this is a possibility but only for specific doctoral programs (students should check this with the Coordinator of the doctoral program).

  1. 7. Can I interrupt my PhD program? How?

Students may request the interruption of the PhD program for a fixed period of time. Students can always resume studies by requesting to do so through a special request form and a charge will be imposed. Students can also request to interrupt the PhD program for an indefinite period of time. In this case a statement from the scientific supervisor confirming that the student is no longer working at IST is mandatory.

  1. 8. How long do I have to complete my PhD program?

The PhD program should take a maximum of 4 years to complete. In exceptional cases it can be extended one more year. If an interruption occurs (see previous question) during the four year’s period, the corresponding gap time is not considered for the total time completion of the PhD program.

  1. 9. If I postpone the date of my PhD thesis submission, should I pay for any additional tuition fee?

Yes, unless the postponing period takes less than three months and falls in the period beyond the four years from the student’s registration date.

  1. 10. If I cancel my registration, can I resume my PhD program in the future?

No, in this case students should consider a new registration process.

  1. 11. Can I change my scientific supervisors during the PhD program?

Yes. In this case students must submit a request to the President of the Scientific Council of IST having the acknowledgment of the supervisors (old and new) and with the agreement from the PhD Program Coordinator.

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