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PhD programmes

IST offers several PhD programmes in the most relevant scientific areas of Engineering, Science, Technology and Architecture.

The title of “PhD” is endorsed to those that:

. Are able to systematically understand a scientific field of study;

. Show competence, skills and dominate research methods associated with a particular scientific domain;

. Are able to conceive, design, adapt and carry out research with significant societal impact while respecting the requirements imposed by academic quality and integrity standards;

. Have carried out a significant set of original research works that contributed to widening the science knowledge frontiers, and disseminated the results in peer-reviewed international scientific publications;

.  Are able to critically analyze, evaluate and synthesize new and complex ideas;

. Are able to communicate with their peers, the rest of the academic community and society in general about the area in which they are specialized;

. Are able to further promote the technological, social and cultural progress in an academic or professional context.

Several PhD programmes at Técnico are provided in association with national and international universities where, in some cases, a dual degree is granted. Enrolled PhD students actively participate in national and international research projects, while being encouraged to patent their ideas and develop an entrepreneurial attitude.

For more information on the available PhD programmes, please follow the link:  PhD programmes@Técnico

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