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Post-Graduation Area (PGA)

The Post-Graduation Area (PGA) is the structure of the IST Academic Area responsible for the management of administrative processes and procedures related to postgraduate academic programs. Namely, Doctoral Programs, Advanced Training Diplomas (DFA) and other academic postgraduate files (e.g. specialization courses) the last ones, until the end of 2019.

This structure also guarantees the instruction of the degree and diploma recognition of international academic degrees (Bachelor, Master and PhD) and the instruction of the Academic Proceedings of  “Agregação” and “Habilitação Para Exercício de Coordenação Científica“, leading to the attribution of  titles.

The office is organized by areas of activity (e.g. academic register, academic examinations, front office) and all (candidates, students, staff and teachers) can request by e-mail or in person the support and clarification necessary for a good understanding of the current norms and procedures of the 3rd cycle of studies.

However, the students should consult all the documents regarding the 3rd cycle (e.g. regulations, academic guide part 3, legislation in force) available on the IST website regarding Students.

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