PhD Open Days 9 – 12 November, Salão Nobre

IST is launching the PhD OpenDays initiative with the main goal of offering the opportunity to more than 500 PhD students of socializing and sharing their research, skills and expertize not only with the rest of the academic community, but also with the several companies that will be attending this event.

We are proud to count with a set of distinct speakers as well as the alumni from the several IST PhD Programs. We are also very glad to receive many representatives from several companies that will have the opportunity to listen to about the work that has been performed by IST PhD students.

The four PhD OpenDays will take place at the Salão Nobre of IST, in a very familiar and cozy atmosphere, where the students will have the opportunity to expose their work and directly contact and discuss their research, opportunities and careers with the attending companies representatives. At the end of each day, several thematic panels and special presentations will take place, and the PhD movies will be screened.

You are all invited to attend the PhD OpenDays, from November 9 to November 12 of 2015, at the Salão Nobre of IST.